16 April 2014

In the antique shop

Near our house is a gravelled drive with a battered black and white sign outside.
"antiques" it optimistically cries.
We were on a walk and decided to stop by. It was in turn the most magical place and the most bizarre.

Three little sheds knocked together and a huge stretch of gravelled drive.
The drive was covered in aisles of garden pots, garden furniture, ornaments and fountains. There was a stone roman soldier, a box of marbles, old crates and flowers.

Inside the little sheds was a treasure trove of 'stuff'. Chairs and tables were piled on top of one another to the ceiling. Cabinets were in corners, ornaments balanced precariously on top.
There were telescopes and scales and books under the tables. Old road signs and lamps and statues in a corner.

We walked between the aisles in this antique maze, calling to one another when we found something interesting or funny or exciting.
Little hand-written labels were tied to each item detailing its price.

I could have spent hours in there. Sifting through the junk to get to the gems.
We found a few and when we enquired of the owner and vaguely described one bench in about the thirty in there, he knew exactly which one were talking about.
It was fantastic. My dad and I were in heaven, my mum not so much!

It was a fun little quirky place to find and I am so glad I had my camera on me to document it.

Do you like rummaging through old furniture, thrift shops and antiques or are you like my mum and think that most of it is junk!?

12 April 2014

Project Life weeks 12 & 13

Catching up with posting layouts, a few familiar photos from these parts!

Things I am loving this week: 
I bought a new kit from paislee press. It's the 'about us' line that I talked about briefly on the paperclipping roundtable. I have discovered that I work far better with a kit than with dedicated PL cards. Second time around I know my style, I know what works and I like fiddling with a kit to make what I want.

This kit is pure joy. Lovely colours, pretty papers and fab handwritten fonts. I use three other paislee press kits in project life and they all compliment each other. I think this may be something I look into, buying a new kit every three months or so. It keeps the project fresh for me and compared to updating paper supplies, isn't hugely expensive.

Techniques I have tried: 
I have been playing around with a few more collages the last two weeks. On a week like week twelve when I had plenty of photos, it was nice to find a way to include lots of them.

I have also been fiddling with a few more pieces of patterned paper. I am trying to use them as pattern on their own rather than just as a background to text.

Photos I have documented: 
Week twelve has a selection of photos I blogged about, the details around our little student home. I knew it was important that they were included. This is one of the many things I love about project life. That these everyday detail shots are right up next to one off events like visiting Beamish museum.

Week thirteen was short on photos but big on emotions. I was home alone for the week to do some more work and I wanted to record what that was like and also the novelty of flying south. Again, it is a joy to record the peaks and troughs of everyday life.

Thoughts on this project: 
I'm still enjoying it, i'm so pleased that I have given myself some creative freedom such as only making one page per week if needs be and, as always, I am loving recording the memories.

9 April 2014

one photo & twenty words

She saw I had no walking boots so posted me a spare pair. Such Kindness. Thank you dear Lizzie.
My challenge for you today. Find one photo and choose up to twenty words to tell its story. Jot it down and link back here. The link will stay open for a week so you have plenty of time to join in! 

I am breaking my own rule here and posting the slightly longer story. Lizzie noticed the photos I posted a few weeks back about the long walk the boy and I went on. She was concerned I was wearing wellies rather than boots and offered to send me a spare pair they had in their cupboard at home. They arrived beautifully packaged, in wonderful condition and perfect size. Me and my family were blown away by your kindness Lizzie. Blog friends are the best.  P.S Can you email me your address please?! 

8 April 2014

capture, write, count and share

Tomorrow is the 9th of the month and that means I am again throwing down a challenge.
Choose/capture a photo, find up to twenty words to tell its story and then come back here to link and share.
It doesn't get more simple than that.

So far we have had some really beautiful, funny, sweet and poignant stories come from just a handful of words.

This is an easy, simple and quick meme and I promise you, the stories that are shared will always provide good reading over a cup of tea....

See you then.
I will leave the linky up for a week so you have plenty of time to join in. 

5 April 2014

On Spring time and cameras

A terrible fate has befallen the iPhone and i am phone camera-less for a little bit.
I trying to see it as a blessing in disguise though and intentionally picking up my big camera more rather than just forgetting the photo opportunity.

Last week Spring seemed to finally leak in to our little part of the world and I grabbed the SLR and tried to capture a bit of it.

I need to remind myself to take this camera out more. I always, always prefer the results.
A broken phone is not ideal, but what a blessing to have another lovely camera to play with!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post or listened to the paperclipping roundtable broadcast. Your support has bowled me over. Thank you. 

2 April 2014

Speaking on the Paperclipping Roundtable

Just for your entertainment dear friends here is a photo of me looking slightly crazed in my headphones just before I went 'on air". 

A few of you may have heard of the Paperclipping site and in particular the audio roundtable discussions that Noell hosts about scrapbooking. I had come across them a few times and when there were scrapbookers I knew about I tuned in.

Fast forward to last week and the lovely Ruth had noticed a post from Shimelle on Facebook asking on Noell's behalf for students who scrapbook. By the time I had found the post on Facebook both Shimelle and another friend had suggested me which was very flattering and maybe also a testament to the fact that student scrappers are still in the minority!

Fast forward to a few days ago when I received an email from Noell asking me if I wanted to participate in this weeks recording of the show along with her, Natalie Parker and you guessed it, Shimelle Laine. I nearly fell off my chair.

So Yesterday evening I strapped on my headphones, found my few scribbled notes and settled down to an hour and half of fun. Chatting on the roundtable was such a joy. All of the guests were friendly and excited about scrapbooking their student days and there was so much to talk about. The time simply few. As well as talk about project life I also got to plug the 'time for tea' meme which was such an opportunity.

And you know the best thing...I got to tell Shimelle that I started this little blog through her course. Things have come full circle.

So if you would like to hear me sound very British and a tad awkward but also chat excitably about uni, which is what I do here nearly every day, hop on over to the paperclipping blog!

Thank you so much Ruth for making me aware of this and thank you Noell for letting me come on the show.

30 March 2014

Project Life weeks 10 & 11

This was what my last few weeks looked like: 

Things I am loving this week: 
Using the graphics tablet again. I go through swings and roundabouts with this tool but when I use it I love the effects. On the week ten page I added just a few words to some of the photos but on the week eleven spread I wrote quite a large portion of journalling. I love the magic of being able to handwrite on a digital layout.

Speaking of writing, I am also really enjoying using the font 'courier'. Super clean and simple. I'm a fan.

Techniques I have tried:
The usual selection of collages and writing directly onto photos. My friend has a polaroid camera and I took a photo of one of the little photos that had come out of it. I then trimmed the photo down, backed it to patterned paper and added some chevrons. I tried to imagine what I would have done if I had had the photo in real life doing this project physically. I like how it turned out.

Photos I have documented: 
Week ten focused on the everyday stuff. I tried to frame the layout around that journalling card that says "every day". There weren't enough photos to make a double spread but i'm happy with what was documented on this one page.
Week eleven mostly documents the very long walk to the priory. I always love it when I have photos of the boy to scrap with.

Thoughts on the project: 
I'm glad I chose to purchase digital kits this year rather than project life sets. I think I can tailor them to my style slightly better and like the pop of colour the patterned paper gives.

A fifth of the way through the year. Time is flying!